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At Thomas Deacon Academy, students in Key Stage 3 & 4 complete 80 minutes of Personal Development every fortnight.  This lesson is taught by their form tutors with the aim of providing a safe and secure place where students can discuss sensitive topics.  These topics include managing peer influence, living a healthy lifestyle, coping with stress, relationships and sex education as well as careers, planning for their future and independence skills to name but a few.  During these lessons, students are encouraged to discover a wider view of the world through research and discussion.  Throughout the year reference is made to our 6 pillars of character and students are given the opportunity to explore their views whilst developing their compassion, curiosity, confidence, courtesy, commitment and courage.  These 6 pillars are the backbone of Personal Development and support our core purpose of ensuring that each student acquires the necessary knowledge, skills and character to make a positive contribution to society and ‘thrive’ as a global citizen.

If you have any queries about Personal Development, please contact Mrs Booth -