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Home Learning - Business (year10/11/12/13)

Year 10 into 11 - Term 6

Well done to those of you who have managed to complete a variety of the tasks that were previously set for you via the  Home Learning Page and SMHW.

To allow you to consolidate your learning to date we would now like you to complete the Business Project - ‘My Business Plan’ which is attached the bottom of this page.

This is an opportunity for you to consolidate all of your prior learning to begin investigating how to put some of what you have learnt into practice.

You will have 5 weeks to work on this project (Monday 15th June 2020 – Friday 17th July 2020).

Please keep hold of your finished Project and be prepared to share this with your class teacher and peers when we return to lessons.

Year 12 into 13 - Term 6

To ensure that we can continue our study of Business Studies during this time, please use the resources indicated below. Specific tasks and resources will also be provided by individual subject teachers, details of which will be on ShowMyHomework. It will be expected that you send work through to your teachers via the ShowMyHomework platform.

  1. Complete your knowledge organiser for all Theme 1 and Theme 2 content covered so far on your course.
  2. Complete all Seneca Learning tasks which have been set.
  3. Complete all exercises at the back of the Theme 1 textbook.
  4. Review your understanding of Theme 1 by using the Specification Checklists.
  5. Remember that all class resources and the specifications can be found on Teams.