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Attendance is crucial at TDA. We expect 100% attendance to all subject lessons, tutor times, assemblies and personal development sessions. It is one of the basic ways in which our learners can show commitment to their education. Evidence, at a national level, shows that poor attendance has a direct impact on grades.

The academy day begins at 8.45am; your child is expected to be here, ready to learn, before that time.

Failure to meet our attendance expectations (or lateness) will result in our attendance protocols being followed (see below). We utilise a wide range of potential sanctions including:

  • after school detentions
  • in-school seclusions
  • student attendance reports
  • discussions with tutors/pastoral staff
  • meetings with parents
  • interventions by our Attendance Team
  • penalty notices (fines) issued by the Local Authority for non-attendance.
  • Court proceedings for continued poor attendance.


Illness and medical appointments with staff, all routine medical and dental appointments should, where possible, be made outside academy hours. For hospital, orthodontic or emergency GP appointments please submit your child’s letter to their SSO BEFORE the appointment.

If your child is ill, you must contact the academy by phone or email their Student Support Officer (SSO) by 9.30am on the day.

Reasons for non-attendance, must be supported with evidence.

Acceptable reasons

Unacceptable excuses

  • Hospital appointment
  • Routine GP appointments
  • Emergency clinical visits
  • Holidays
  • Orthodontist appointment
  • Routine dental appointments
  • Illness - parent confirms (as above)
  • Paid work
  • Bereavement/attendance at a funeral
  • Trips to visit relatives
  • Authorised school events / activities e.g., sport, music, D of E, etc.
  • School refusal


Leave of absence / holidays

These MUST NOT be taken during term time. If there are exceptional circumstances as to why your child must miss vital lessons you or your child will need to collect a “Leave of absence” form from their SSO.

A parent or carer will need to complete this form and return it (and any other supporting documents) either to Reception or directly to their Year group SSO, well in advance of the proposed trip. This form will then be passed to the Attendance Team.

If permission is not granted, your child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


Possible Attendance

What this means


I am likely to reach all my targets

Between 95% and 99%

At 95.5 % and above you have a 75% chance of gaining 5 or more 9-5 grades at GCSE.

Between 93.5% and 94%

At 93.5 % and above you have a 60% chance of gaining 5 or more 9-5 grades at GCSE.

Between 92.5% and 93.4%

You have now become a “Persistent Absentee” and will be monitored on absences and could be fined.

Between 90% and 92.4%

90% attendance means you have missed a month of lessons in an Academic year.

Between 88% and 89%

88% attendance only gives you a 26% chance of gaining 5 or more 9-5 grades at GCSE.

Between 85% and 87%

85% attendance means you have missed 6 weeks of lessons in an Academic year.

Between 80% and 84%

80% attendance is like having 1 day off every week.

79% or less

79% attendance or less is a serious concern and must be address immediately.

Department for Education research data.


All employers, post-16 Colleges and Universities expect attendance of 96% and above.